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Data/Voice Cabling Services

In today's high-tech world the demand for reliable telecommunications and network environments is continually increasing. As a result the costs and the complexity associated with corporate communication infrastructures are also constantly increasing. At the core of these complex systems is the cabling that must transmit your data both reliably and continuously. Keeping your lines of communication transmitting properly requires well planned, properly installed cabling.

In order to meet today's real-world needs, RegularGuy Enterprises Inc. is consistently conducting research in new cabling technologies, vendors, installation developments and regulatory cabling code to meet and exceed our clients expectations, yet offer our clients Affordable and Reliable professional data and voice cabling installation and testing services.

Our cabling clients reap the benefits of a knowledgebase that encompasses years of low voltage electrical expertise combined with years of experience related to information technologies, and a full understanding of both the needs and concerns that can effect residential and small to medium businesses. This ensures that you can be confident that your needs for the present are met and that your needs for the future are taken into consideration.

Regular Computer Consulting can meet your commercial cabling needs. We offer professional installation of Cat 5/5e (Data or Voice), PVC and Plenum cabling, racks, patch panels, phone blocks and other related items. During our cabling runs we pay close attention to the important details that could affect the performance of your cables. After installation, we test our cabling to ensure speed and reliable data flow.