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Large Projects
Projects with 100+ Connections

This site at the time of these photo's had 535 active connections and was capable of well over 1200 connections. Four separate closets were used to house the network equipment with fiber ties between the closets as noted by the banks of media converters.

This project which started out to support 100 connections, grew literally overnight. The closet which housed the original 100 connection network was slated for demo with very short notice. Design work and equipment acquisitions began on a Thursday afternoon, old network teardown began 24 hours later. The new network with all of it's new connections was installed and active by 5:00 A.M. Monday morning .The network was considered a temporary network supporting a large construction project, and the majority of the equipment was removed at the end of the project after two years of trouble-free service. Click on any of the photo's a larger view.

A bank of media converters (Copper to Fiber) in closet A. This was used to support connectivity to the other three closets. The media converter housing contain redundant power supplies and would allow you to remotely check status for each media converter and oversee data flows.
The three fiber enclosures in closet A were highlighted in this photo. Each of the four closets had at least one fiber enclosure.
The seven racks of equipment in closet A was highlighted in this photo. Due to the amount of equipment, closet A was cramped but, still within the guidelines for rack space 36 inches to the front and back, and 30 inches to the side.
This photo shows some of the color coding via patch cords. Color coding the patch cords allowed us to troubleshoot and locate connectivity issues very quickly. Orange was fiber, red was critical connections, green was printers, blue was for conference rooms, lavender was for subcontractor's support and yellow supported the general contractor staff.

This photo was taken in Closet B and highlights the bundles of patch cords used. Open wire management was used to keep costs down.

This photo taken in closet B, highlights the media converters for this closet (Fiber to Copper)

Another photo taken in closet B. This photo shows the Fiber enclosure that supports this closet as well as some of the open wire management that was used.