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Medium Projects
Projects with 50-100 Connections

Here is another new office build out which has a VoIP System. The timeline for this build was four days and was complete and operational on time. A unique addition to the office was five 36 inch monitors built into the entryway wall. These were used to display real-time video from the various project sites.

This new office build out was to include most of the existing cable plant and needed to support an up and coming call center. The network design included three equipment areas and a VoIP system. A large amount of rack space was left open for future equipment build-out.

Patch Panel to floor cabling in place.
Completed full rack view.

This photo highlights the 3Com NBX and the Power Over Ethernet switches that were used for this project. These POE switches allowed power to the keysets in the office areas. Power supplies to the keysets were no longer needed due to these switches.

A clean Patch Panel

The five 36 inch monitors which displayed real-time video from project sites.

A peek at the office, notice placement of the jacks.
Area for Equipment Area 1.
Rack system in place for Equipment Area 2 (almost complete)
Another view of rack system in place for Equipment Area 2

(almost complete)

This was the location for Equipment Area 3
Another view of the location for Equipment Area 3
Equipment Area 3 (almost complete)