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There are countless options in choosing network gear for your home or business and choosing the wrong piece of equipment can be limiting, expensive and a security disaster for your network.

Many people (yes, including IT folks) will purchase equipment without considering it's compatiblity, stablity, trustworthiness or if it's the best solution for your network.

In an industry that produces hundreds of ever changing products daily, how do you know what is the best gear for your home or business?

The trick is knowing what is available to you, how it fits into your network, the company/equipment's history, and finding someone that has had experience with the product.

RegularGuy Enterprises Inc. can help you through the technical pandemonium. Our staff deals with multiple vendors and products daily. On a daily basis, our staff performs product reviews and research to keep our knowledge and available services we provide our clients up-to-date.

We know the compatibility, stability, limitations and history of the products that we recommend and install. We test any new products that so that we may stand by those new products that we intend to recommend.