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Small Projects
Projects with 1-50 Connections

This site was a new office build out that we installed all cabling, network, phone system and connectivity. Although relatively small, this office had a VoIP systems installed and detail was of the most importance.

This photo highlights the back of the patch panel. This is the termination point for cables coming from the office floor the the network closet.
An office floor jack, the labeling corresponds to labeling that is placed on the patch panel. This helps future troubleshooting times and allows the office to quickly identified a jack position when adding or deleting a network device.
This photo highlights the front of the patch panels. If you enlarge this photo, you can see the labeling that corresponds to office floor jacks as seen above.
This photo highlights this office's network, the monitor and keyboard were later replace with a black keyboard and flat screen monitor.
The switches and router that were used on the project.
A close-up of the 3Com NBX VoIP system.