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Four Loop Technologies
Bringing you the new voice of business.

Four Loop Technologies was originally founded in 2003 to address a need for an exceptional software architecture and engineering firm. During our journey as a small business, we discovered that the technologies available for business phone systems were outrageously expensive and required a small army to set up and maintain them.

We are dedicated to providing quality PBX systems to small- to mid-sized businesses that are ready to take advantage of the latest advances in telephony that allowed for the development of our economical, feature rich, and easy to use solutions.

Switchvox is so much more than just an office phone system. It's a revolution in business communications, putting you in control of your most important asset in business, your voice.

With this incredible leap in technology comes astounding cost-savings for your business, integration capability that you never thought possible, and the flexibility to meet the needs of whatever industry that you're in.