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Voice Over Internet Protocol

RegularGuy Enterprises Inc. can work with and on many of the VoIP Phone Systems on today's market.

Before installing a VoIP System RegularGuy Enterprises Inc. will evaluate your present system for functionality, efficiency and operating cost for a period of time. System replacement is normally only recommended if the system will need major component upgrades to fit your present needs, if the system cannot be upgraded or if the system is becoming costly to operate. We will also recommend a new phone system solution if the system is older and the system components are becoming hard to find.

RegularGuy Enterprises Inc. will also evaluate your present network and cabling prior to a VoIP installation, most issues with a VoIP system are caused by lack of bandwidth or improper cabling.

Each VoIP system may offer many different options, features and cost, we will tailor the system to your present and future business needs.